Hurricane Matthew 2016

2016 Hurricane Matthew's path

2016 Hurricane Matthew’s path

Hurricane Matthew has caused more damage in Haiti then the 2010 earthquake, from an environmental perspective, according to some sources.

Unfortunately, this hurricane will not get the same coverage as the 2010 earthquake and people are growing tired of helping Haiti.

The El Shaddai community did not receive the worst of Hurricane Matthew,  yet many crops were severely damaged in the powerful winds and heavy rains ripped off roofs and damaged property.  The post earthquake construction, supported by EMAS Canada, has performed well and once again provided a safe place for the El Shaddai community and their neighbours during the this latest disaster.

Please pray for Haiti as the waters recede and more bodies appear, moving people who are currently listed as missing to the increasing number of casualties.

If you would like to support the El Shaddai community in their efforts to Build Better than Before just select ‘Haiti – hand in hand’ on the EMAS donation page: ( ).

Thank you!

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