Building Program

Architectural concept for the Ministry CentreThe architectural concept for the proposed El Shaddai Baptist Church Ministry Centre was prepared by Engineering Ministries International Canada (eMi). A team of eight traveled to Haiti in May 2010 to assess the community needs, capabilities and resources.

The eMi team initially proposed three concepts to the community board of El Shaddai. The board chose the one they liked and the team proceeded to develop the concept and produced a 3D scale model. The team returned to their respective homes in North America and worked on developing the full engineering and architectural drawings. These drawings were taken to Haiti in December 2010 and presented to the community by Dr. Pierre Plourde on behalf of EMAS Canada and eMi on Christmas day. The presentation was part of a church service held on the site where the centre will be built, under a temporary roof which doubles as a school during the week and as their public worship space on Sundays.

Construction started early in 2011. See the beginning stages and updates starting here.

On this site, ES1 and ES2 are references to the main sites of the El Shaddai community. ES1 is the site of the original church structure in a densely built up area of Bon Repos. The original church building was demolished during the 2012 earthquake. It has since been rebuilt to current earthquake and hurricane resistance standards. ES2 is the site of the new more spacious property described on this page and is being built over a seven year period. It features the school including flush toilets, a cooking building for the feeding program. When completed, the site will also have a large, multi-functioning hall for gatherings and safety in times of calamity and disaster. 

El Shaddai elders with eMi teamElder Denis (centre) explains to his colleagues an aspect of the design presented to the El Shaddai Community Board by the Engineering Ministries International Canada team members.

The final architectural and engineering plans presented at the Christmas Sunday 2010 service, being looked over by elders of El Shaddai Church. The plans were brought to Haiti by Dr. Pierre Plourde and his wife Krista Waring (left).



This is a view of the site plan as envisioned by the eMi team. Construction of the first school building (on the right)  is complete.